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Find your Daily "WOW"

Here we are: 2022. It arrived on a current of calm, though a bit of a cautious calm. All of us eager to turn that calendar page, and cautiously optimistic that it would bring us some magical ‘change’ or reversal of events.

However, the current winds of change before us show no signs of reversing. We are still treading in choppy water, perhaps even more adrift and uncertain of where or how to anchor in these new seas. Here’s my guidance on that:



Your. Daily. WOW.

This is how I plan to reframe the concept of making a resolution for 2022, and beyond:

I resolve to find the WOW in my daily life experiences.

Your WOW could be the sensation of sunlight streaming across your face as you drive home.

The reflection of dewdrops on a fallen leaf.

The deep tones of your dog’s snore.

That sense of connection when you look into your partner’s eyes.

It could be subtle, it could be grand. Either way: it should make your spirit go “WOW!” and light you up in that very moment. It's about being present to the wonders all around us in any given moment.

By finding your WOW each day, you will be raising your vibration and keeping your thoughts in a positive, uplifted space. THIS is what we need in our world today: high, positive, infectiously good vibes. This is what will navigate us through 2022 and beyond: staying in that state of “WOW!”….let’s go find it….

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