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"Sunshine State of Mind allows one to explore and awaken in a creative way. Body and mind release through flow. The magical formula you provide enhances self-care and self-love by practicing flexibility, strength, breath and meditation. Your yoga sunbeams are energizing, refreshing and make one feel good."

- PAE, following since 2019  


"Melissa is by far the best Yoga teacher I’ve ever had the pleasure of practicing with. Melissa’s classes are so full of content without over-whelming you, they flow so well along with her beautiful guided voice and modifications are always available if you don’t want to go all the way. Each class is so unique so you will never get bored & special requests are always an option." 

- Jo-Lou, following since 2016

"Melissa is a dynamite yogi. She gets my blood pumping, my muscles stretching, my spine lengthening, and my breath diving deep. She brings to the table great love and extensive experience with yoga. She skillfully transmits that love and knowledge to all her students helping them get to peaceful mind and profound body practice. Speaking personally, I started a desk job about 3 years ago.I had never worked a desk job before and my body was a mess.  Melissa has a series of videos on YouTube that saved my lower back and hips. All the achey spots that sitting all day causes. I use her videos (some are 15-20 minutes) during the day at work to keep me flexible and limber. Yoga is the key to surviving whatever your work life brings. Her videos are like quick fixes until you can get to one of her classes. YouTube is great but I highly encourage anyone to take a live (Zoom) class."

- Lisa Z, following since 2012 

"Melissa’s yoga classes have not only been incredibly helpful for my flexibility, but also for strength. Her vibrancy and enthusiasm shine through, both IRL and her on-line classes, and have been highly energizing and motivational for me. Having been through her own physical challenges, Melissa has a depth and breadth of knowledge of physiology I have not found with a plethora of other yoga instructors over the years, and I simply love her classes."

- Pamela Stone, following since 2018

"I've been joining Melissa's yoga class since 2017 and I love it. Melissa finds that perfect balance between effort and ease. I find the flow to be the perfect timing and sequence of poses. She is a master at opening up my hip joints allowing for relief and more flexibility.  Melissa also looks for ways to mix-up the classes, whether it's looking to relax or to bring up the energy level. I highly recommend taking Melissa's class!"

 - Kristen Multer Abramo, following since 2017

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