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Nature’s Healing Power

A favorite LIFESTYLE practice of mine is to take time - daily - to appreciate nature in all its forms. With a work-from-home job that requires much of my mental concentration and focus, by the day’s end, I am often left feeling disconnected from myself. I feel out-of-body and out-of-balance.

My remedy? To reconnect with the natural world in any way I can, as often as I can….to bring back that balance and sense of belonging.

In the mornings, while still in bed, I will close my eyes and let the birdsong be all that I hear. Listening to their insistent and joyful song sets the tone for my day!

Midday, I will take a pause from all devices and go sit on my balcony. Face to the sun, breeze in my hair, and deep breaths of fresh air all serve to bring me back to earth, and to remind me of what is TRULY important in life. With a semi-stressful job, this type of reset is critical to my well-being!

At the end of my work day, I take time to walk under the live oak trees, or stroll along the Bay. It is a way to clear out the work cobwebs from my mind, and it signals a break from work time into leisure and relaxation time. I can feel my body take a big exhale when I do!

These simple practices (which are free! nature is all around us and readily available to us to appreciate) serve to reground my mind back into my body, and they provide an incredibly healing effect. I can feel tension melt, my blood pressure drop, a softness return to my body and heart, and an overall boost of energy and optimism.

Yoga philosophy tells us that the life force that is within us is also in ALL living things. We share that same spark of life / divinity / source energy. Tapping back into it reminds us of our connection to all things, great and small, and restores our sense of balance.

So: find a window to sit by and soak up the sun’s rays. Walk through the grass barefoot. Lay on your back and watch the cloud show above. Say hello to the beautiful birds in your yard. And go hug your favorite tree!

Your body, mind and soul will thank you.

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