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How does “community” look like in your life?’

Being human is messy business.

The full experience contains a crazy amount of physical, emotional, and mental challenges of ALL types. Sometimes, these “opportunities” (to put a positive framework around them) show up in ways that we can’t manage on our own, and we find we need additional support.

This is when community can be there for us.

Perhaps your community presents itself in the companionship of a beloved. Or the trustworthiness of a dear friend.

Perhaps it is the fellow tribe of yogis you practice with, in-person or online.

Maybe there is a support service or group you join to better understand and resolve an issue.

Maybe you seek guidance from a professional, tutor or mentor.

The bottom line is that we all need to be there for each other, and be of service to one another. Fostering the sense of community within adds an important dimension to our lives, and we can both give and receive connection.

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