Sushine State of Mind | Lifestyle, Yoga, Community
"If you can't find the sunshine,
BE the sunshine"
Sushine State of Mind | Lifestyle, Yoga, Community


Melissa Pelham

Sushine State of Mind | Lifestyle, Yoga, Community

I have created Sunshine State of Mind with the hope of helping you find the most joyful and radiant version of yourself.  Positive lifestyle habits, uplifting yoga practices, and supportive community forums can serve as good guides in our journey to that sunny place. Together, we can explore ways to bring that Sunshine State of Mind into our lives each and every day. ​

"I am always the student, and it is my joy to shine and spread the light of this beautiful practice with others".

- Melissa Pelham


All forms of yoga - gentle, chair, vinyasa, or yin - incorporate movement, breath, and presence of mind. When these elements combine over time, they help us shed some of the restrictions we hold on to (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). Underneath all those layers, we rediscover what our true natures are all about: sunny, positive, full of light and joy. 


My classes are designed to bring you a dose of that yoga sunshine!! Whether you are looking for a 10-minute stretch, a 30-minute reset, or a 60-minute flow - - you will experience that “yoga glow” feeling of renewal, brightness, and lightness afterward. You are just one yoga class away from a good, sunny mood! 

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Making habitual, positive, health-conscious choices can help keep ourselves grounded in a world that isn’t slowing down. We can balance out the demands of daily living with moments and methods to collect ourselves, prioritize what is important, and reconnect with our inner sunshine. 


Practices I like to share include: meditation; giving gratitude; walking in nature; sitting and breathing; and journaling. Adding these practices to your lifestyle will give your mental and physical bodies a chance to relax so that your creative sunshine spirit can open up and shine! 

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People offer us the support we crave while establishing our good lifestyle habits and while evolving as students of yoga. Community (a band of like minded-people) is the thread that binds us together as we each strive to build a life that nourishes us. 


With community, we get feedback, guidance, a good laugh now and again, and we realize how grateful we are for one another. It provides the backbone to our growth. Together, I hope to make these community connections with you, in-person and online!!

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